Old Boys of Sainik School Association (OBSSA) is a Network of ex-students of all the Sainik Schools in India. The OBSSA members are scattered all around the planet. They are in all walks of life.

Sainik schools were started by the Government of India, way back in 1961. Each Indian state has one Sainik School, except for the North-Eastern states, where Assam and Manipur have one each for all the states in the north-east.

Until recently, there were 19 Sainik Schools all over India. The twentieth school was inaugrated by the hon'ble Defence Minister of India Shri Anthony in 2007.

Sainik Schools were a dream conceived by Mr. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister of India. The schools are run by the Government of India and managed by the Sainik School Society under Government of India.

Motive behind the Sainik Schools is to nurture youngsters, impart the highest standards of education, motivate and condition them to serve the Indian Armed Forces. Since the begining, these schools have delivered the highly talented, motivated, and responsible youth not just in Indian Armed forces but in all walks of life.

OBSSA is an attempt to unite all the ex-students and staff memebers of all the sainik schools under one big umbrella.

OBSSA has been growing at an exponential rate - courtesy word of mouth spread by its members. In the year of 2003, the alumni grew by more than 25%.